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This is my first post and I hope you dodn't mind helping me out.

I just haven't been able to figure out how to use the pasteboard option. For example, I record a part with Sunrizer (fantastic synth by the way) or say Korg iMS20 (Also fantastic, but I find Sunrizer easier to use), Samplewiz or Garage Band (both brilliant too). Anyway, I prefer to use Beatmaker as my main "producing" app. How the heck do I get my imports from other music apps or my wav files from my PC recordings into Beatmaker? I have tried for quite a while to figure it out, but haven't. I also want to import my samples into the sampler in Beatmaker that I created from my PC stuff. I am confused and lost. I have searched high and low on internet but in the end I thought I'd better join this forum, as I would like to use Beatmaker for my main sequencer app.

By the way, I don't have a wirless connection. Can I use pasteboard without wireless? Doesn't iTunes work as the place where apps can import from?
While I am here, any great apps you recommend?

All the ones I mentioned above are totally fantastic!


  • Hi,

    We're currently making a video tutorial that covers some of the aspects you mentionned. In the meantime, I will recommend you to read our User Manual to learn how to transfer your files from other applications or your computer into BeatMaker. You can download it at:

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    The pasteboard is only used to transfer files from one app to another. To transfer files from your computer, you need to use an FTP program. Both options can be accessed from the Sharing panel in the Studio view.

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    Hi again,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have looked in the manual but it is still not clear.

    For example how do I get Sunrizer or Garage band to transfer to the pasteboard? I'm also not quite sure what FTP is, but if it means I have to use a wireless connection, I don't have one. Is it possible to transfer without wireless?

    Excuse my ignorance.

  • Anybody out there who knows? I need help with understanding how to use the pasteboard also. The manual is too vague on this topic. Just doesn't cut it. Help please!
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    Apps that support the pasteboard feature should have somewhere an option to "copy" a sample into the pasteboard. Please look at the application user manual as they may each have a different interface for this. When you copied a sample, open BeatMaker 2 and press the [SHARING] icon at the top of the studio view (the icon left to the "Current project" button). Choose "iOS PASTEBOARD" from the panel, then press "Import to BM2". A dialog will open to let you choose where to save the sample.

    FTP, is a file sharing network protocol. You will need a wireless connection to transfer files from and to BM2.

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