Importing MIDI

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I have a working FTP connection and would like to get some MIDI tracks/songs into BM2. How can that be done? I bought BM2 specifically for that function. Also when is the virtual connection going to be shipping. I just got it for a few other apps (NLogPoly, MoDrum, SoundPrism) and it's REALLY spiffy!~




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    Here's one way:

    You'll need a mac, a wifi network, and one or more ios devices.

    go to your mac,
    find the app called 'audio midi setup'

    menu: window/show midi window.

    go to the midi window.
    click on the 'network' icon.

    go to the midi network setup window.
    see 'my sessions: session 1', and other info.

    go to your ios device with beatmaker, open bm2.

    go to your mac, to midi network setup window, to 'directory'.

    see your ios bm2 device name on the list. select it. click the 'connect' button.
    (repeat for any other ios device, for example, a midi output controller)

    if your midi output device is on the mac, open your app and set it to control 'midi network session 1'.
    if on your other ios device, well, do the same.

    go to your bm2 device, with bm2 opened, make an instrument (keyboard or drum).

    go to bm2/home button, see the instrument you just made, see the 'midi' button in the lower-right corner.

    press the midi button, give the instrument a midi channel. press the red x to exit when through.

    press the picture icon of the instrument to get to the keys/pad layout.

    see the transport bar on top of the layout.
    press the record button.

    go to your device (mac or ios) with the controller sending messages out.
    play it. see it show up on bm2.

    if anyone else has any other ways, i'd like to hear-!
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    Kinda works but it's ugly. I have to bring each of the 5 tracks in, one at a time. But it does work.


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