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I was just wondering if anyone knows how you can slide recorded notes around without them snapping to the quantize setting in the edit window.In BeatMaker 1 you had the ability to use the 'groove' setting to moves notes backwards and forwards in non-quantized time....this dope feature seems to be missing now,alongside being able to draw a curve for velococity etc by just dragging your finger,this is sadly missed!Not a fan of the 'draw tool',it was much better before I think.

Any ideas if its possible?Help would be much appreciated.



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    Please try using a quantize setting of 1/96, as it basically means you're using no quantize at all since it's a very high value.

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    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for the reply.I know I could nudge to 1/96 but I still don't think this is high enough resolution for the subtle feel I want.But I guess it's just a limitation I'l have to adapt to then I guess,as It isnt any different to my MPC2000xl in that respect.

    Anyway to do the finger drag thing though?!
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