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Is there a resource somewhere out there on the internet that can help me get better at writing the music for the beats in beatmaker pro or similar applications?

Specifically I am referring to how you can (on the keyboard instrument for example) choose what note gets hit when, and it's just a matter of timing it properly from that point. I am just having trouble finding anything that can help me learn how to do this. Is there a certain tempo/interval that most music uses? Is there some sort of tutorial or blog that deals with this sort of thing?

Even better, is there somewhere that I can see other people's songs from beatmaker so I can learn from them, like download the whole song as a file and then open it in beatmaker?

I am very new to music and can't even read sheet music or play a piano. Would it maybe help to learn more about playing the piano first?


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    As a very old school guy, I would recommend learning an instrument. Guitar, keyboard....whatever.... Why? Because you will then develop the "feel" of music, and you will get it. I know there are many that use sequencers that can't play an instrument, but that does not mean it is best way. It takes time to learn an instrument, but it is also a way to see if you have talent or not. I have 4 fantastic art apps for my iPad, but I still can't draw. Why? Because I have very little talent in drawing and painting. But I picked up the piano at age 5, it was easy for me and I could not understand why everyone didn't want to play one.... <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

    As far as using BM2, just read the manual, and use it. Experiment, move things around ..... easy place to start is the pads. Get ya some sounds, and play with it and see how it works. Move things around until you get a beat you like.... then go from there.

    Have Fun!

    Just my 2 cents....
  • You're not old school, you're just old.

    (sorry, couldn't help myself)
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    You're not old school, you're just old.

    (sorry, couldn't help myself)

    Lol, and true.
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