BM2 works great with other audio apps

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not sure if this technique is useful for many but figured i'd mention it anyway:

on the ipad2, bm2 works really well with other apps playing in the background... so far i've had bm2 playing tracks while the loopy app was playing at the same time and i've also tried this with sunvox, everyday looper (sadly multitrack daw doesn't play while bm2 is going)... there are other apps that will play in the background as well...

one trick you can do if you have the hardware for it is send the audio from beatmaker2 and record it into say loopy or eydy looper:

for this i use the compatible and inexpensive iMic sound card with the camera connection kit, a 1/8" stereo male->male cable adapter cable, and an iluv i111 headphone splitter with dual volume controls.

using the male->male cable you can send a "loop back" audio signal from one of the outs on your headphone splitter(which should be connected to the imic's out of course; the other out of the splitter to your speakers or headphones), and plug the other end to the input of the imic. make sure the "live playthrough" setting is turned off in loopy or eydy looper or you'll get nasty loud feedback. anyway if you have a midi keyboard hooked up to beatmaker 2(using a usb splitter and say a nanokey, for example - yes the ipad2 will power all that!), you can play the samplers or drumpads in bm2 and record them into loop slots in loopy...

also this technique works the other way around (from loopy into bm2, from sunvox into bm2 or from eydylooper into bm2 - record stuff then load it into the sampler). i've even played some jams in bm2 and recorded them back using bm2's built in record and loaded that up into a sampler... all without glitch-outs. just make sure to not monitor your recording in bm2 or you'll get nasty loud feedback.

of course most people would think - why wouldn't you just use audiocopy/audiopaste to transfer sounds to-from apps? well because simply this loopback stuff is fun to do and faster in some ways. ;]

note: if you're using a griffin imic, you'll want to turn the brightness on your ipad all the way up or you'll get grounding noise on the line in of your imic...


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    My only concern there would be audio degradation... I really think digital audio will always beat using the onboard DAC. <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: -->
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    Until the day comes when bm2 renders stems....and transfers them someplace useable....well.... <!-- s:geek: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_geek.gif" alt=":geek:" title="Geek" /><!-- s:geek: -->
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    Man MicGee$, you really don't quit do you? I've been looking through various posts on here and have seen you rudely mention your requests about 5 times already. Chill out and be patient or move on somewhere else.

    Let's keep the forum productive.
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