anyone tried using v-drums/e-drums yet?

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Right now only MoDrum lets me play with acceptable latency but it doesn't record. And if it did, it probably wouldn't have an unquantised option that lets me record a full song. Nanostudio has unnoticeable latency but if only it would let me remap the TRG to the notes of my V-drums HD-1. RIght now with NS I have to have the kick on a tom, the snare on a cymbal pad because the notes don't map correctly <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!-- s:( --> If I record in silence then raise all the notes an octave its fine, but that's no fun.

Anyhow, I am hoping for better in BM2. I am guessing with 128 pad slots avail, I can build kits for the midi notes my V-drums sends-- is this true?

If so that is good news, although it would be nice if there were some stock kits already set up for this purpose (I'm assuming this is not yet the case)

Anyhow, I wanted to know if anyone had experimented and found the latency when playing drums was as good as it is with MoDrum and Nanostudio and if they've had any issues with mapping.

Is there an issue with close hi hat not cutting off open hat sound by the way? I think I remember this being an issue in BM1.

Also, anyone try mapping the v-drums hi hat CC controller data?




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    I've got an Alesis DM-10 , i've sort of been able to use it with garageband's drum sets... I would also love to be able to map the drum pads with midi... I've even went as far as to ask toontrack (superior drmmer), xnl audio (addictive drums) and bdf to create sound modules for the ipad, but the response has been of little interest from them.... I mean, how can they not see the potential of using the ios as a a drum sound module... It's pretty much got everything you need to be the best drum module... Some good programming on this regard would be fairly easy... Different sounds trigered depending on velocity... In the case of hi hats, depending on CC message (hihat pedal opening or closing) you get variable hh. The touch screen woulb be great to tweak compression and balance.

    Someone will come around eventually and see there's a lot of dough to be made from it I guess...
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    Agreed. I would love to see XLN support the iPhone or iPad. Low latency in a must tho. So far only nanostudio and MoDrum deliver on this front.

    Have you used your DM10 with Beatmaker2? If so how is the latency?
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    Haven't tried... I'll give it a shot on the weekend and keep u posted.
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