database update error

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I uploaded all of the drumkits from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> to both my ipad2 and my iphone4.

The database took an eternity to update on my phone (at least an hour), and was still updating on my ipad2 the next morning (8 hours later).
I decided the ipad probably had a locked thread, quit the app and shut it down, set the database update flag in settings, and restarted beatmaker2. The database updated for a while (less than an hour), and everything appeared normal. However, more than half of the new instruments (that are available on my phone) were not available on my ipad.

So, I tried deleting all of the new stuff off of the ipad, and let the database update.

Then, i uploaded the same set of bmkz files to the ipad again, and let it update overnight again.
Same thing. Still on the updating screen the next morning, when I quit, flagged update in the settings, restarted, waited for update, and half of the new instruments were missing.

Everything works fine on my iphone.

Any ideas?
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