uploaded track but cant add to sequencer (studio).

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i have uploaded a track on to beatmaker 2 but i have tryed every possible method to try and add that track,(Acapella) to the sequencer(studio) as i would like to build a beat around the acapella....can someone please tell me how a to add track to sequencer,(studio time line)?


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    from what i know(which is verey little!)....you cant just drop an a capella on to a track. maybe if you chopped the vocals up but that would be a lot of un neccessary work.i download a multitrack app(studio.m or multitrack daw), dropped in the a capella(you can edit the acapella here too) and then just copied over what i want from BM2.
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    Just tried studio m and all you can seem to do
    With that app is buy loops to add to track
    In multitrack Daw in the description it does say
    You can import mp3s and also tracks from your iPod.
    Do you use Multitrack Daw?..and if so can you
    Import a full track,(acapella) to the studio time line?
    Thanks for your rapid response.

    If you'd like to check out some of my remixes
    They're on YouTube. Just here ...
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    import your acapella to BM and save as sample, then copy that to you pasteboard.
    then in studio.m touch the timeline on any of the tracks until the "paste" icon shows.
    paste you acapella in here and it will show on the time line.
    use the same copy/paste for loops etc created in BM.
    studio.m will allow you to get your levels better and also add some effects- more tracks are available if u upgrade studio.m also...plus some other nice effects and loops/beats(some are useable)
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    I'll give that a go tommorrow and let u know
    How I get on.
    Can u do the same for multitrack Daw?
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    sorry dude i dont have multitrack.
    yeah let me know, dont have my pod with at the moment so cant go thru it and check if steps are correct but shouldnt be too far off!
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    Okay maybe this will work for you, but when i want to build around an acapella i cut it into 4 bar pieces with the chopshop and launch the pieces from the pads...
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    I have chopped up acapallas and triggered with pads also and its works very well and great for mixng things up.
    with stdio.m you can split,trim,copy/paste etc so i find it handy for trying out an idea.
    I like the compressor for vocals also.not bad for €0!:)
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    is Studio.m better then Mutitrack Daw?
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    Yes it works really easy with Multi track Daw.
    Thanks...the only problem I got now is I don't know
    The bpm of the acapellas I'm remixing and beatmaker
    Keeps crashing.
    But I'm sure they will sort this out eventually.
    Thanks for all your help.
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    Hi all
    thanks,mr dizzle,the savage,micgee$ for your input, <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->

    i evenually sorted the acapella problem using Mutlitrack Daw to paste the acapella and the beat i made from beatmaker2.

    i think i got a good result in the end...you can check it here.Green Days ,BLVD Of Broken Dreams.

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    and theres also Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown Peace,Unity,Love and having Fun.

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    also im getting an iphone 4s on tuesday will the beatmaker2 work alright on that.
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