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I have been making beats for over 15 years with different mpc drum machines and have finally decided to step into the computer software world of beat making. However, my Biggest complaint and question I guess is how do I create multiple sequences or patterns. For example, if my main pattern was a 4 bar loop and then I wanted to create another pattern with a different portion of the sample that was say 8 bars, how do I do that. This was done so easily on the mpc, I would just create one sequence, switch to sequence 2 and create the other sequence. I find it hard to believe that will all of this technology these newer computer based programs can't accomplish this. Please anyone if there is a way to do this and I'm just overlooking it please HELP ME!!!!!


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    I'd say you need to read the manual... Off course it can be done... Go to the sequence view, there you can arrange the whole song pattern by pattern... Unlimited I may add, and unlimited tracks of every instrument so you can better control your sequenced patterns.

    There is 'copy pattern' and also 'duplicate pattern'... One uses an instance of the pattern, the other a new copy that can have differences without affecting the original.

    Check out the manual, it will clarify it all for you.

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    You could also check out INTUA BeatMaker 2 - Official demo

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    hey thanks a lot buddy i actually figured it out the other day but thanks for responding. One other question, i downloaded cyberduck to transfer my files to my computer but is there a way transfer or convert the file to wav so i can play the song mode on my itunes?
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    Actually scratch the last question about the file transfer i also just figured that out lol!
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