Animoog to BM2 Audio Copy/Paste

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Has anybody had success copying audio from Animoog's audio buffer to BM2? The only way I can tell to copy from Animoog is to use the "copy" button in the record module. This let's you paste into animoog on successive opens/closes, but I don't seem to have access to the file using beatmaker's iOS to BM2 feature.

Am I missing something or is this related to the other post I saw on here about different kinds of pasteboards?


Todd Keebs


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    Nevermind, I figured it out. I will post an explanation on here later so others that might be confused like I was will understand.

  • Heeeeyyyyy, so what did you come up with, I also have AniMoog, and would like to use it with BM2, thanks.
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    Yes, you need to use the "Copy" feature from animoog, then go to BM2's Sharing Panel, press "Pasteboard", then tap "Import to BM2". The file will be saved a a .wav file.
    It will then be accessible within the file browser when you try to load an audio file from the Sample Lab, Drum Machine or Keyboard Sampler (make sure you hit Load Sample, and not Load Preset, which only shows preset files).

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    Animoog is hypnotic isnt it? Wow
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    Yes MicGee!
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    The copy paste is easy
    Simply record something with sequencer on animoog, then push copy button on same module
    Open beatmaker
    Pull up keyboard or drumsampler blank by xing out of pick preset screen
    Go to the import tab
    Paste from ios option
    Name and save....

    To paste into animoog copy from bm2 to ios
    Go to record module in animoog and push paste

    I have used this function and have had good results

    Good day to all
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