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Is it possible to change the sample memory usage, since the update it seems to be limited to 32 mb, when I know the iphone 4 can allow at least without problem at least twice as much as that. Any reason for this,or am I missing something?


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    You might think I'm using too much memory, but I have my own method of producing, I do not strictly follow tempo or bpm, nor loops, I just let things fall into place, and work on getting something out of it. Dunno why I like what I do, and find it should get even better, but feel they think they giving too much, like the 10 hour battery life, they're trying to curb it. I've used BM2 prior to the update, and it was allowing me to add up to 8 minutes as well as whole number of drums and keyboards instruments with effects, without a problem, just as long as I was recording into my laptop rather than via the iphone 4, so that it didn't need to be using the iphone. I do not understand why we cannot continue on those lines... Plus as a live performance tool, you may wish to import tracks into the set, and these may be quite big files, and if the memory usage capacity has been limited it will still crash, which I think was what they were trying to prevent. You may wish to import two tracks at a time, just to keep it flowing, and I hope it doesn't skip anymore when you record vocals whilst performing, I had a number of glitches, as I was recording on the fly, will not be doing that, but hopefully it may improve, to become some sort of djaying tool.

    Thanks again

    Appreciate the fact of something which I feel keeps changing due to its unsurety, that I experienced with A Submitter's music.
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    You can change the sample memory limit within the Settings application, BeatMaker 2 tab.
    You can set it so that there is no memory limit at all, but beware of the application getting closed by the iOS if you're loading many large samples!

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    Thank you,

    For a moment, I felt it may be like the students who used to get grants and then they had to pay tuition. I was in the inbetween years, no grant and couldn't afford to pay tuition, but only had one chance to get through or it would mean paying out of your own pocket, which would have been the end, it was however difficult but I managed to get honours, okay not a first but a 2:2, still haven't paid my student loans, never will because I've never been employed, had to deal with being deemed ill mentally.
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