Is there anyway of slowing down a Sample?

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Is there any way of slowing down a sample once
You have added it to the drum machine then into
The sequencer,(studio time line)?
I have tryed slowing the bpm on the sequencer everything
But the imported sample changes to the changed bpm but
Not the imported sample.


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    Time stretch.
  • Or lower the semi-tones in the drum machine pad options. Note: this will both slow the sample and pitch it down.
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    You can also use a free program called Audacity by SoundForge on your computer.
    Take your sample then ,select the file and then click Effect and you can change pitch, speed or tempo then save as .Wav then put it into BeatMaker 2 !!!
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    Thanks all...the time stretch worked so I'm happy
    With that.
    Thanks "Savage":)
    I'm using this program with xenon synth and find
    It difficult to do my remixes with just adjusting the
    Pitch but everything should work nice now.
    Thanks to all for input.
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    Anyone know of any other good apps that work well
    With beatmaker2?
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    No problem man.

    Apps the work well with BM... the 'LIST OF BEATMAKER COMPATIBLE APPLICATIONS' thread is a good place to start. and hopefully that list will keep growing! I know there is a few not on this list tho.

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    and thanks RevelaShaun68 i always forget about the power of audicty. good alt when im on the laptop.
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    Thanks Again Savage,I look them apps up on
    The app store....u know anything about the
    Aminoog ...can't see it on app store for iPhone.
    I'm using Multi track daw ... You know any good
    Apps that work well with Daw or do most of
    The apps that link you sent me work well with
    Daw?...basically all I need is the copy and paste
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    Aminoog is a must buy....and right now for only .99 dont miss that app, its great and w/ copy and paste. I would love a synth like that built into BM some day.

    and yeah all(most) the apps on that list have copy/paste. It says on that list if it does.

    have fun.
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