Can't delete a track

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I was cycling through some of the stock samples and I got a bunch of memory errors. Now it shows 31.8 memory usage. But I can't seem to delete that offending track. It's stuck in recording mode? I've rebooted my ipad, but I still can't delete those tracks. Also I can't get any sound of that track or a new one at this point. Any idea how to clear this out without losing the rest of the song?


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    Try deleting the instrument with the problem.

    Home button, scroll to the instrument and long press it, delete.
  • Hi,

    BeatMaker will not let you delete the last track of an instrument (an instrument must have at least one track in the sequencer). If you are looking into freeing memory, you should delete instruments or unload samples (Clear Pad on the Drum Machine, Delete Keygroup on the Keyboard Sampler).

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