WANTED: Instrument Copy

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Am I missing something? Is there an easy way once you have created and modified an instrument to create an exact copy of that instrument?

I know I can make a second track with the same instrument but I like to have independant control in the mixer of all my tracks. It's always seemed strange to me that the channels in the mixer are by "instrument" and not by "track".

Oh and how about adding a "solo" function in the sequencer track options. Right now you can only "solo" whole instruments.


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    Just save your instrument and then create a new sampler instrument... then load your saved instrument.
  • Ahhhhhhh. Not as convenient as a copy instrument button but it works! Thanks, Ragno.
  • I still would like to solo tracks from the sequencer without having to go into mixer. That would save time when composing in the sequencer.
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