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Just to give a sample of some of the things I made on BM2, available at name your price

For other albums, live sets and performances strictly on BM, to give some background information, I produced around four albums on BM on iPhone 3g, less stuff more repititions cos I couldn't ascertain if it was any good, so I have been using intua's BM from the start, started after they updated it to be able to produce four bars, and some FX, but strictly using 16 pads in total, then BM2 gave a lot more, now I've began to produce sets on Djay app, which allows live FX, some of is okay, but hope intua can add some FX too, using the x and y, like echo and some other stuff, which could vary a beat and rather it gettibng taken a\way or too repititive it begins to become dangered and scary becayuse it didn't changge quickly.


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