Request: lock/loop pad

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It would be very nice to be able to activate a pad in a "looped" mode.

Perhaps tap-hold to activate, and then it "lights up". To de-activate, just tap it again and it finishes the current sample and stops (like normal).

Many times I'd like to just loop a drum sample and play over it.


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    To add to this feature it'd be great if you could set the number of times the sample loops. For instance, if it was a drum loop maybe you'd want it to loop to infinity. If it was a short percussive sound, maybe you'd just want it to loop 8 times to create a beat repeat/stutter effect
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    True, but if you know the number of times you want it to loop, you can just set it up in the sequencer.

    My request was more aimed at "live" playing, where you want to quickly activate a bed of looping samples.
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    you can't necessarily set up really short percussive samples to loop. Since the grid resolution is only 16ths you can't get a real short hi hat sample to do the glitchy drill type sounds
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    This is what I most want from BeatMaker. Just a little option in the sample-edit area to say loop on/off. That would make me a BeatMaker addict for life.
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