Couple bugs still in 1.0.2

edited August 2008 in General
So there are two pretty big bugs that still remain in 1.0.2, if anyone has any others (not feature requests, but included documented functions that don't work properly), please post them here.

1. In the graphical editor, if a region is locked and the locked region is slid past the edge of the screen, it shortens the locked region. If you go too far, the locked region disappears completely.

2. The BPMs of the delay do not seem to respond properly to tempo and only have tempo lock when songs are 120 or 60 bpm. Additionally, the 1/1 setting gives me some weird inconsistency, thought that may just be a result of the iPhone's ram not being able to accommodate a long delay.

Good job on the update Intua, Beatmaker is coming along and the quick updates have been nice. MIDI export is great, and bonjour works as it should. Being able to import MIDI would be nice, as it could theoretically provide the ability for some "templates" in the velocity and groove editors, as well as a way to edit them on a computer, which is greatly needed.
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