elemental - nuyorico (latin/funk) - **link is fixed***

edited September 2008 in BeatMakers Showcase
I used Rafiralfiro's "Nuyorican" kit as the starting point for this composition (hence the title). I pitch shifted the flute onto eight pads to get a full scale for the melodies and solo, and used the kick and snare from another kit to get more of a funk sound when the drum kit comes in. To get the extended and non-repeating flute solo, I created all of the one-bar patterns (sixteen in all) and then just strung them together. I used velocity quite a bit to put accents and dynamics on the flute and hi-hat parts, in an effort to get it to sound a little less synthetic.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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[previous link to zShare was broken and I moved the track to SoundCloud]


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