Import to ipad music library? for Imovie?

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I was wondering is there a way to export a wav file (a song) from BM into the your devices music library. So i can bring the song into a the imovie app? iMovie doesn't support copy/paste and only imports music from the library. or is there any other movie editing app that can do this?

So basically i can make a song in BM then add it to a video editing app?

thank you!


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    I don't know of any app that will let you add anything to the iTunes library.
    It takes 5 minutes to export, add to iTunes library on a desktop, and Load it up on the iOS device.
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    Ya, but with no desktop around it would be nice to do it mobile. at least be able to make a music video with the tracks i create in BM. guess someone needs to create that app and make a bunch of loot.
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    .... Or it would be nice if iMovie had Dropbox!
    It doesn't have Dropbox, but I've found pinnacle studio to be far superior if you are on iPad.
    It used to be free- haven't done much video lately.
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    pinnacle looks great thank. but still no way to get BM or Auria music directly into it? w/o moving to a PC
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    BM3, go to setting-> export.
    Once the export is done, hit the share button, select copy to imovie option.

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