Snoblind - Flapping Beat (Trip Hop)

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1st post here at Intua forum. Nice to to meet you all!
Create this track using a single kit compiled by one shots and chopped up pharses. Created about 2 groups of 2 sequences. It was recorded direct into Ableton Live with me "scrubbing" the loop region in Sequencer mode of BeatMaker. There is no subsequent sequencing in Ableton Live. Hope you all enjoy it!

Please download at:


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    I like it...a LOT. Great feel and mood. The beat is just right for this piece, and I especially like the jazz chords on the Fender Rhodes - how did you generate those samples?
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    Thank you! Your tracks are banging too, Elemental!!!
    The Fender Rhodes are from Big Fish Audio's Smoker's Delight, they have a section full of Rhodes chords and bass notes for MPC multi-sampling. The drums are from my one shot libraries sampled from vinyl.
    The great thing about BeatMaker is that it REALLY forces you to say more with less...unlike in Ableton Live where so many tracks and VST instruments available.
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    I am having a blast with Beatmaker too. This is actually my first try at electronic music, though after many years of playing "real" instruments. BM is a good program for a beginner since it is relatively simple and makes you work with a small palette - not to mention inexpensive and portable. I downloaded a trial version of Acid Pro since many on this board seem to use it, and found myself quickly overwhelmed.

    But so far I am only using the samples provided with Beatmaker. Can you recommend a few sources for more samples? I prefer "one shots", as you put it - prefer to build my own loops.


    PS I enjoyed your web site
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    Thank you elemental!

    I think a lot of people shunned the use of "sample libraries"...but to quote the ancient cliche, it's more about how one uses it. For the kind of jazzy downtempo sound of my submitted tracks, I think you cannot go wrong with "Smokers Delight" and "Smokers Relight" mainly because it contains loops as well as construction kits (i.e. one shots) of drums, bass notes, rhodes chords and some string and brass stabs.
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    I just wanted to say that totally rocked, listened to it again and again...
    Luvin dat trip-hop man.
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