Snoblind - Midnight Test 01 (Trip Hop)

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Hello all,
another DJ Krush-influenced beat made with a smilar process like the one I have posted previously: single kit with one shots and pharses, then sequenced into 3 groups of 2 bar loops, using Ableton Live to record myself scrubbing the loop region to "perform" the music.
No sequencing in ABleton Live except the brief fade in/out. Hope you all enjoy it as well!

Please download the track at:


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    wow I like this one, sounds like something you'd hear on somafm! What do you mean by "scrubbing the loop region to perform the music"?
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    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am just inspired by this great software and all the great music in this board!
    By "scrubbing" I meant I just exploiting the "loop region" feature in the "sequencer mode" with me sliding the two bar loop region from sequences 1-2 to sequences 3-4, and back to sequences 1-2.
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    OOoooo! I really like this
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