elemental - rumble and click (electronic)

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This whole piece pretty much started from one sample - #16 (hi-hat loop) in Rafiralfiro's "Rucker Park" kit. I built the rest of it around that. I am only using my earbuds and may have cranked the bass too much to compensate - let me know if it is out of control (though it is supposed to be kind of heavy). Enjoy...

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    The link for this song has been broken for some time...I just reposted to SoundCloud.
    **Soundcloud link is also having problems as of Friday 1/16!!!!**

    Link is finally working on Saturday 1/17.
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    I like how you broke this piece up. It's so easy to get overly repetitive with a pattern-model music generator. Good job avoiding that pitfall, and nice sound.
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    Thanks. Yeah, I have a short attention span, and never let anything go more than four bars (usually not more than two) without changing the pattern. Makes for a lot of 2 minute songs, but I don't want anyone to get bored! I did the same thing in "Electro 3", made up of two-bar chunks with none repeated.

    When browsing around SoundCloud, I come across all of these 10+ minute techno tracks that people post. I guess they are for dancing, not listening, and the sound is often great - but in many of them, very little happens or changes from start to finish.
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    I liked it.
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