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Hey all,

So I saw a demo of this and the iDrum, iDrum did have a bit "easier" to use interface, but wasn't as robust as this. For that reason and the hopes of several ideas (some mentioned in other posts), I am hoping my $20 was well spent. So far, it is. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> But thus far I am not seeing a "huge" gap between iDrum and this app in terms of the limitations.

So, my "wishlist"

- piano roll (as many have said): This app is already amazing, but a piano roll with the ability to load up synth sounds, kind of like those hand held yamaha portable music devices, would be beyond words! I would pay $50 for this app if it had the ability to load up multiple banks of sounds, each mapped to 127 notes. You could load up your favorite kits for the drum pads, and use a zoomable piano keyboard for synths, base, vox/fx samples, etc.

- sequencer: the one built in is great.. really. I love step editors and real time recording into a step editing sequencer. Let's face it, this is the iPhone, not a full blown PC. There is only so much you can ask for in an app, and while we want FTL, Cubase, Reason, etc, we're not going to get it. That said, assuming we could use a piano roll (see above wish list item), you'd have to add the ability to do not length changes (aka piano roll style). If possible, being able to change velocity and other events per not would be amazing, but I'd imagine it may be hard to implement on the iphone, if not the code itself, the small real estate of the screen and plopping up pop-up windows all over may make the app more complex than it should be for an iphone app. But, I personally would live with this if we could use a right-corner button (upper/lower) that would "slide out" another menu to allow editing of each note event, maybe even using MIDI events like velocity, pitch bend, etc. Granted these might be tedious to program on the iphone, but hey, I want my cake and eat it too.

- memory: not sure about ya'll, but I have the 16GB version of iphone. The banks I've loaded so far all seem to be a couple MB in size. IS there a physical memory limit to how much an app can use? OR is it that the internal speaker of the iphone is so poor that its pointless in using good samples? I haven't tried using 24-bit 192Khz samples yet for my own personal banks, therefore I may be shooting myself in the foot... is there a "sample" memory limit? Either the number that can be loaded or the total amount of memory an app can use? I do realize the 16GB is for "storage" and not RAM, so maybe that's the issue.. but being able to use samples directly from the flash GB drive would be insanely cool for large samples.

- banks: Again, assuming we get a piano roll included in some update (hell, 2.0 version.I'd pay for an update if it came with the above features and this) being able to use more than one bank of sounds would be huge. In fact, being able to load 128 GM sounds each with 127 notes of sounds (limited by memory) hopefully, would eliminate the need for multiple banks. Just 1 bank of 128 sounds, each with whatever number of samples. I'd even say, make the app for desktop (windows/osx/linux) to allow you to make banks, map samples to ranges of notes, etc. Hell, these days its not uncommon for free/cheap apps to have multi-velocity layered sounds per note, although naturally the more sounds at once, the more likely you'll have sound stomping if you play too many notes with too many sounds. I am not sure the limit on how much mixing can be done and at what level it's being done at. Having written a sound mixing app before, using 32-bit math you can accommodate 100's of 24-bit samples mixed together with plenty of headroom, far beyond anything we could even need off of the iPhone. I mean, that's pretty much pro level there.

For me, thats about it. Piano roll with 1 bank full of instruments, each of which we can define from a desktop app and load to the iPhone for use, with ability to have large samples from the GB's of flash storage on the iphone and some of the MIDI controllers per note would be an amazing feat! One I would be willing to pay for an update for, and $50 or more! While the app is great for jotting down beat ideas, 16 notes limit you to mostly drum/sample triggers, and not much in the way of a song, but more a drum/sample FX pattern. I suppose if you load up a few bass riffs as samples, and use those along with some drum sounds it would allow a little more creativity..but then you'd have to do that on your PC and load it.. thus not really allowing you to be creative on the spot.

I really look forward to the future updates! I am eager to know what is coming in the next update, as said by one of the developers who indicates a number of the ideas from this forum are coming... which ones? <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->

Thanks. Great job Intua! Make a desktop app and charge some there.. you'll make more mula!


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    yes, a piano or pitched instruments is the number one feature request. the sample limit is 32mb i believe. in total not per sample.
    you can have kits with more mb but you wont be able to load them all at once. i have some but i load then using the individual load sample button.

    i would like to be able to play samples when in the file dialog. sorry too many feature requests already.

    idrum is too simplistic for my taste.
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