No Panning?!? What with me having 2 ears & all.

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Just downloaded the app, very, very impressed so far but....unless I've missed can't pan the sounds. Every piece of music hardware or software I've ever owned allowed panning of sounds.If something is capable of playing more than one sound at once there's 2 basic mixing parameters you have to have, volume & pan! Seems like a strange oversight to me. Hopefully rectified in the next update?


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    The panning one seems odd to me too. It has velocity, but not panning.. I would have guessed panning would be tied or ahead of velocity. That said, I am going to take a wild guess and assume that the next update will include some panning abilities. If they are adding a synth and such say for a 2.0, then I hope the next update does two things.. adds panning, and adds more pads/banks for one song so that we can at the very least make a bank of 16 synth notes, and use that along with other banks in one performance. OR, at least make 1 fat 127 or 256 "pad" bank that we can use. I really don't expect a full midi/soft synth in my iphone, but it would be kewl to put in a few sampled notes, couple riffs, some drums, voices, etc and spread it out over a larger set of pads for one performance. I am guessing something like this and a lot more is coming soon.
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    yes panning would make songs less flat. i miss it too.
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