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Im a producer/songwriter. I do hip hop, rnb and pop. I have worked with several major label artists such as Fat Joe, Joe Budden, Jaheim to name a few (that beeing said, music is not just a hobby for me). I use the mpc 1000 and logic for most of my work. I recently bought an iPhone, mainly because i was interested in trying beatmaker. I think the app has amazing potential, but definitely need some major upgrades to become more than just a toy. Sure, its fun to hammer on the pads for a few minutes but only being able to work in 1 bar loops totally eliminates my creativity. The way I see it, these are the most important upgrades:

1. Atleast 4 bar lopping patterns.

2. Being able to set "mute groups" on the pads (Say that I have my drums on pads 1-8, and I chopped up a sample on pad 9-16. Pressing pad 9, and then pressing pad 10. Pad 9 should stop playing as soon as pad 10 i pressed (and vice versa) so they dont overlap. Having a sampler without this feature is to me close to useless if you trigger samples, and dont just use it as a drum machine).

3. Being able to use atleast 2 "kits" per project (This way you can have your drums/percussion/bas etc on one kit and all your chopped samples on the other.

4. A simple soundmodule (bass, piano, strings etc) with "piano roll", and note duration.

Of course there are a thousand more minor upgrades that you could ask for like Reverb, panning, zooming in when setting start and end point on your samples, ADSR etc, but starting with them would be like building a house and starting with the bathroom sink.

The above 4 points are by far the most important to me. I think many producers/songwriters like me would consider doing a great amount of work in beatmaker if the next upgrade would have these features. Even just upgrading point 1 and 2 would make me spend a lot of time with this app!

Really looking forward to the next version...

Please leave your comments and thoughts.


P.S. rotating the screen 180 degrees would help a lot too. That way the headphone plug wouldnt be so annoying...


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    I agree with everything but that sound modu.
    It's a waste of time to create a module on iPhone chip plus it's not really professional is it?
    Reverb could be nice, but I don't see it happening. It eats processor big time.
    Different bar measures yes, but I can work with one bar-repeat-add to achieve the same.
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    yes all this has been asking a thousand times already so i dont think they will ignore our feature requests.

  • 3. Being able to use atleast 2 "kits" per project (This way you can have your drums/percussion/bas etc on one kit and all your chopped samples on the other.

    Damn! i thought it could have more kits at the same time.
    At least thats what i expected from it.

    Cant believe i was going to buy the iPod Touch cause of this Beatmaker software but im really not sure if im still getting it.
    I was expecting like 16 kits each project like on the MV used to have.

    Reverb is not a straight must for me neither i could still add a little reverb on my computer when the tracks finished.
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    yes, reverb is not needed. if we can solo tracks we could export them one by one and master the song in logic or something.
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    We need 4 pad banks (at least two!) with no limitations of what you can upload on it
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