Export Kit Feature?

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O.K., so loving the app, but I assumed (after hours of writing loops on my ipod) that I would be able to export a Beatmaker kit WITH its dependent samples. Apparently not. Is this a feature that will be supported in future versions, or should I start coding my own app to deal with this problem? Without this feature, it makes the app rather useless to me for composition purposes, since it takes longer to export the project to my mac than it does to compose the loops in the first place.....


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    After a little research, it occurs to me that it may not be possible (due to Apple's developer agreement) to provide the end user with a way to transfer content FROM the ipod/iphone to the host computer. If that is the case, could you provide a way to (at least) save sample files contained in a kit to a folder with a similar name? This would be a simple addition to the app's architecture, and still provide a way to create kits "on the fly" and use them easily within a larger sequencer at a later time.

    One of the valuable assets of your application is that I am able to take a large sample library with me, sort through it, and create kits that are usable with docked projects. It is much easier to transfer a single folder with the 16 samples contained (via SSH or whatever) over to my desktop rig than it is to sort through a billion folders and individually exract each sample that is contained in a kit.

    Or, if there are no legal restrictions, it would of course be better if the samples could be exported with the bmk itself. Thanks in advance.
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