Thinking about purchasing this great app...

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...but one thing I keep wondering and cant seem to find an answer to...

Does beatmaker offer a way to send beats that have been made in the iphone to another iphone with beatmaker, so they can edit as well and send back?

If so, then count me in right away! TAKE MY 20 BUCKS!



  • No it doesn't, but I don't think that's a restriction of Beatmaker so much as a restriction of iPods. You can export 16-bit WAVs and/or MIDI files to your computer and then send them to your friends so that they can put the data into their copy of the app, and swap project work that way.

    It does everything you describe except for direct wireless transmission of data between iPods. Do you know of any Apple app which does allow wireless data transfer between iPods/iPhones? I haven't seen anything that can do this yet.
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    you can copy the songs you make to your computer and send it from there. then your friend can import it with beatpack.
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