Beatmaker 2.5.6 with iOS 8.4.1

i've been using Beatmaker 2 for a while on an iphone 5 with iOS 6 to play live shows with, with a midi controller, and it works fine, although it needs an elaborate rig of stuff to make the midi work. So just got an iPod touche latest model with iOS8.4.1 and wanted to try Beatmaker 2.5.6 and see if I can update my phone and use the camera connect kit instead of all the midi boxes and cords I use presently, but also just as a backup since I'm going to play shows in Europe for a month. Unfortunately nothing works as it should be. The latency between the 16 pad Drums pad and the running sequence is terrible, once pressed, the pad start always late, after the beat, very annoying and obviously unreliable. I tried changing the latency and memory usage settings, doesn't seem to make any effect at all. Also, when leaving the program (by pressing the "home button" to go to another software running) Beatmaker would randomly crash and/or when coming back to it, it'll make a pause-glitch jump to return to what's playing, which is terrible also for live performance and in general, considering that these latest version of iPod have a much better processor and ram management than what the iPhone 5 has. Plus see attached photo to see how the DRUMS sampler instrument shows up in my display. This is probably because am sure intua doesn't wanna check on iPods when updating their software but rather want to make it work for iphone 6 and ipads, which is fine, but still a pretty terrible carelessness considering it's a paying app. The display issue wouldn't really bother me but added to the performance flaws is just unacceptable.
Has anyone had the same issues and is there any solution? Any word from you Intua guys on trying to fix that with iOS 9 or just in general? As it stand now I'm praying my iPhone 5 keeps working for as much as possible and it doesn't get stolen or broken cuz otherwise seems i'm screwed.



  • Hello @julianbremann !

    Thanks for reporting this issue. It will be fixed in our next scheduled update.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

    Stay tuned !

  • I still have these latency issues with the piano and the great for about 3-5 recordings and then back to latency. The only fix I've found is completely closing BM2 and reopening the session. Hoping BM3 will fix this...

    Using a 2017 iPad Pro
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