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  • Toggle pad for continuous play or to stop audio (i had one pad play for 20 bars before it finally shut up)

    That should be a "doable" thing fairly easily? It bugs the hell out of me too. I had pads set up to play harp sounds and when I had a few phrases together I slowed down the pitch by 70%, and of course lengthening the phrase considerably. It sounds cool and dreamy, but while I was experimenting with new pads beatmatching and messing with drum loops to play over it, I'd hit one of my harp phrases which would go oonnnnnnn forevvvvvveeeer and I have no way to stop it, nip it in the bud. I left the project cause I was losing the will to live trying to get an ambient track with long (16+ bar) phrases down. I LOVE beatmaker but not being able to stop the audio at will once a phrase starts looping is a pain (yes, I know one can mute but thats not the same! - I want to quit and try something else, see if 4 bars goes okay to lock it in and ditch it if its not working) - Cheers.
    Oh That's what that Feeling is!!!
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    I'd like to have something similar to step editor, but allows you to place notes from the same instrument with varying key (C note - G note)...Kind of like Fruity Loops or Cakewalk Project 5
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    Use of multiple kits. Limiting to 16 makes for a rather bland collection of repetitive sounds. Even just one more kit, extending the available samples to 32 would be a great help. Thanks! I love the program otherwise.
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    First of all...


    Great product. I really feel that if BeatMaker can include a keyboard (along with multi-sample and/or simple synth capabilities) to write melodies/chord changes and a way to actually export the entire session for professional mixdown in logic or protools, then it will be the end all program for music production. I'm already impressed, but waiting for the day that Intua includes some of the remarkable editing capabilities of Xewton (I purchased both). Xewton is great for song sketching but the sounds are amature. BeatMaker's ability to import samples and work in 44.1k make it far superior for actually composing something that can make it to the final mix. Thanks again, Intua, and please give me a keyboard/piano roll to write chord changes/melody with!

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    what about a compatible format to fl studios fpc?
    its nothing else than two kits... 32samples.
    maybe it makes it possible to export songs and edit them on fl studio
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    well i have been using beatmaker and as much as i love it, its still nowhere near as easy as it is to use fl studio and that bothers me because i would like to be able to just use beatmaker and screw fl studio
    i am also using the latest 1.3.5 i believe it is
    heres how to improve it:
    1) allow for more than 16 samples per song
    2) make the piano roll more like fl studios so that instead of having to record every time i want a different pitch from the original sample i can go in manually and write it out cause thats what i prefer
    3) the recording is inconvenient at best, when i hit record it often turns on loop and the metronome and it shouldnt do that unless i want it too so make it so that it asks me if i want those on or not. also when recording im usually recording a pattern by itself so i dont want the rest of the song to try and start playing, once again have the app ask me instead of assuming
    4) i dont like doing live performances, so instead of having many of beatmakers fantastic functions only work in a live format, or for the whole song, or not at all, allow me to manually place the fx and new modes into the song because sometimes i only want the bit disruptor for certain parts not the whole damn song
    5) you need a better user manual! the fact is many people using your app are not professionals so they want to be able to read your manual and understand it not get a bunch of psycho babble so please please please get cracking on that! also have the FULL manual built into beat maker dont make me go get the pdf

    essentially what i am looking for here is more ability to manually develop a song so please take these into consideration, beatmaker has a lot of potential but it really needs some more updates


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  • Is Rex support possible?

    : )
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    this would be the perfect composition tool if we can record let`s say,1 or 2 tracks vocals or acoustic guitar via microphon ALONG with the synced sequencer playback.this would make it a real mini DAW......please!!!
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    Didnt have time to read the whole thread, but additional pad banks would be awesome. Also, individual assigning of FX to samples would be nice, rather than across the whole 2 buss <!-- s:ugeek: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_ugeek.gif" alt=":ugeek:" title="Uber Geek" /><!-- s:ugeek: -->
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    First post, have been reading lots of this forum but to be honest after spending hours and hours I'm still only a fraction of the way through!

    BM- awesome. Simply no other word for it. I would have paid double for the app.

    Reccomendations? After using BM for a few weeks I would like to be able to do the following:

    1. Edit individual parts within each track. I want to be able to cut/select/edit/add effects to each and every one of those little black square blocks in sequencer mode, not have to create a new track or heaven forbid sometimes even adding the sample to a new pad (losing one or more of the precious 16) to do it. As for the blocks themselves, it would be ideal if we could just drag the block to the length we want the sample to play for. Of course BM will need to be able to handle NOTE OFF data to do this but it would make song construction much easier.

    2. Be able to use loops with built-in timing signatures so they keep pitch after changing bpm. ACID(tm) loops maybe? Are these .wav format in some circumstances?

    3. Being able to mute tracks in sequencer mode is an absolute must. This is basic sequencer stuff, come on Intua! I would suggest a small radio button/check box on the far left, next to the square 'edit part' button?

    I guess I am too used to the Sonar/Cubase way of thinking and to be fair what BM already has is far more than I would have expected on any mobile phone but as they say if you don't ask you don't get (or at least have considered!).

    Despite the above, Way to go Intua. BM even as it currently is has enabled me to bring music creation wherever I go. Super-happy.
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    I've said it in support forum and I'll say it here.

    Three words

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    Agreed. Also, anyone else interested in piano style input? Even a piano roll would be great (i know that's a lot to ask but it would take this product to the next level). Intua people, any thoughts?
    "zack&quot wrote:
    I've said it in support forum and I'll say it here.

    Three words

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    I'm sure these have been mentioned, but just in case they haven't:
      "Automatic sample preview" so I can just click the sample name and hear the sample being played automatically[/list:u]
      Ability to assignable a specific MIDI note to each pad. That way when I MIDI export, everything can be lined up with my desktop sequencer[/list:u]
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    Definitely pad release.

    Also, I'd like to paste right into a pad, instead of pasting the sample, then having to load it into a pad.

    One more vote for pad release though. Keep up the great work. It's the ultimate tool for iPhone right now.
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    First post, newb ... I searched for this but there was nothing since the most recent update, so here goes ...
    Mute (choke) groups- (hat pad stops open hat sound, etc)

    has this been added yet?? it seems this post was from before the most recent update, but I haven't found this function yet. Very important IMO ...

    Yes yes yes.. Thus would realy realy help!!! Simple amd Effective
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    for future update would be great,

    -more than 16 pad`s ,4 x16 pads like mpc
    -USE TWO KITS IN THE SAME SONG <- thanks rcm1129
    -optional finger on pad= sound ,finger away from pad= NO sound,
    this would be helpful for long samples or basslines , i am too lazy too cut so much
    -more effects , more bus`es ,channels
    -more sophisticated sample cutting/trimming function , like know
    3.point where sample can jump , like in mpc
    sample starts at sec. 0.3 play to sec. 0.7 then jumps to sec. 0.1 etc..
    -real audio editior function built in beatmaker if is possible..

    or i dont know much about but beatpack in a cloud os ,eyeos ,vmware , a online beatpack accessible with iphone , upload .wav per URL
    there a lot of online audio-editor`s out there

    (imagine :video on yutub ->convert online -> cutting in beatmaker)homer-woohoo.gif
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    As far as two kits, you can already use samples from another kit if you have a different loaded, if that's what you mean.
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    I think all these ideas are great but making a bigger version for the iPad would probably allow for some of this to implemented better.
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    to tjammer just more samples for my song

    another really useful feature mp3 .caf ..m4a .mp4 support

    or a newer version

    i have found this maybe is useful
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    what's about new plugins??!!
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    things i would like to see in order of personal importance please :>)

    1 - UNDO function! plleeeeeeaaaaaase.

    2 - an editor with copy/paste/fx options*

    3 - expansion of the filter unit to allow users to apply envelopes to a specific sounds timeline (essentially allowing users to apply 'wah' type effects to sounds)

    3 - a reverb and flanger unit (i would also like to see the current bitcrusher's cool, but i find it's more of a novelty effect and not really that useful)

    4 - ability to add fx to specific pads with option to have effect placed on said pad at a specific location in timeline (so if i want to add a reverb hit to my snare, but only for 1 hit in, say, a 4 bar beat)
    (*this wouldn't be needed with an editor that had fx capabilities)

    mainly i would like an undo drives me nuts when you start getting into different time signatures and more complex quantizing when you are trying to lay something down that isn't as easy as say a 4/4 beat and you constantly have to go into the step sequencer and scroll along taking out the mess ups.

    looking forward to the next version!
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    Hello. I am a musician with a few comments on Beatmaker. If you could please redirect this e-mail to your development department I would be very grateful...

    Although I love Beatmaker for my iPod touch it has its obvious limitations which I am sure you guys are aware of. And I know that mobile devices have their own set of limitations. But It would be great if in a near future upgrade you guys added a virtual keyboard with a piano roll feature instead of the limited semitone editing. It would be nice to have the option of importing sound banks. Also it would be great if we could name patterns or at least color coordinate them so that it's less confusing when working with multiple patterns. Another great feature would be the use of alternate time signatures other than 4/4.

    I believe that if you guys added these features among others Beatmaker would be a hit not only with hobbyist but with serious musicians on the go.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Zendo Morales

    Mental Underwear Productions
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    Great program, with one glaring fault:

    Feature request 1: If you leave the app (a call comes in, for instance), and you haven't saved your project, all your work is lost. Simply saving the state of the program and restoring at relaunch would address this.

    This just an interesting-to-have:
    Feature request 2: for collaborative work, have Bluetooth or wifi sync with other users, so all cam be on the same beat. Not audio sharing-- just share bar/beat/tempo with other user.
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    i don't actually have Beatmaker yet, (I'll probably by an iPhone/iPad for this and a few other apps!) but I don't think this feature exists:.... when you replace an existent sample it would be good to be able to browse my files, and if I click one it replaces the current one temporarily so I can here how it sounds in-situ (changing as I click through samples in the browser) If I then click "OK" it keeps the sample, or if I click "CANCEL" it discards what I have selected and reverts to the original. This is the standard behaviour in apps like "Propellerheads Reason" and is invaluable when choosing the right sounds to fit a track

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    i'd love to have the trigger repeat feature like in Nanostudio. It allows you to program a repeat on your drum pads for quick drum rolls...
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    I would LOVE the ability to "reconnect" to a sample that may have been lost. Say, you open a project and it says can't find "blah.wav" i would love for there to be an option where if it didn't find it in the directory you could select where it lives.

    also, some sort of file mgr in the app, where you could organize the files into folders and rename, etc...
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    Me & my friends would LOVE to see a feature that would allow you to play a part of a project by just hitting one pad. Keeping the same tempo and stuff, but just change what you hear by hitting a pad, or various pads. This would help out in live performances. The only alternate that I see is to record different tracks & then soloIng them. I want to be able to record 2 loops & switch between them smoothly. What do you guys think??
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    This post was first created for BeatMaker 1 updates, i'm locking it now as it may leave confusion with new features request for BM2.

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