[SOLVED] BeatMaker 2 doesn't show my files anymore

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I'm literally having a breakdown right now because my Beatmaker 2 app (on iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 10.2) is a barren wasteland right now. All that's left is the folders I created. All files, kits, projects... ALL GONE! I did nothing besides try to open a project I was working on when I noticed the folder was empty. Then I went looking for other stuff and it was all gone! I haven't backed up my phone in a while, so I can recover old stuff but not anything from the past several months. Please help!


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    Hey @cinsere819 !

    Try the following:

    - Force quit BM2 by double pressing the home button of your device and swipping BM2 up
    - Open the iOS Settings app, scroll down to "BeatMaker 2"
    - Toggle the "Update database" button to ON
    - Launch BeatMaker 2 again

    BM2 will rescan your files, I hope this will fix the issue. You can also try the same procedure but also
    toggling "Reset database" to ON as well.

    Let me know,
    Cheers !
  • Hey! Yeah I did that and it totally worked! THANK YOU!!!
  • @cinsere819 awesome! Backup your files anyway, you never know !

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