beatmaker 2 on ipad air 2 ios 10.2

Getting really bad glitch touches non recognition. I press ten time in a row and the 11th and 12th times get stuck or dont even register my touches. This is really bad as I was in a studio session showing off the power of IOS and Beatmaker and I looked pretty bad. Not sure if its IOS 10.2 because Ive never had this problem before on older ipads or older IOS's.


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    Hey @Shazamm,

    Where does this happen ? Everywhere in the app or on the drum sampler, keyboard sampler ?
    I don't seem to have any issue on the iPad Pro / 10.2 / BeatMaker 2.6.2.
    Are you able to recreate the issue ? Can you record a small video of that problem ?

    Let me know.
  • @Shazamm, I have an iPad Air 2 running 10.2

    Can you give me more details as to what's happening? I'm not getting the same issue.
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