Sample on drum pad triggered by random keys


I'm trying to link the Beatmaker 2 drum sampler with my Akai MPK 25. I've used the "LEARN" function so that one of the pads triggers a sample, but that sample also seems to get triggered by random keys on the keyboard & every other pad. The pad shows that it should be assigned to a particular MIDI note, but it's definitely getting triggered by all kinds of other notes for some reason. I've played around with Beatmaker's inputs and outputs with no luck. Any advice on what could be going on?



  • Hey there @srekcan !

    By chance, do you have OMNI turned on ? It would be worth trying with it disabled. It is located in the transport bar.

    Also, double-check your MIDI instrument configuration by pressing the small MIDI icon next the instrument thumbnail.
    In this panel, ensure "GM DRUM MAPPING" is turned off.

    Let me know !
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