Problem saving sample, aborting

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I have a problem similar to
(I created a new discussion because this one was too old).

On any given instrument, if I record a sample, (With INPUT 1(MONO)) I can press the record button and the timer starts correctly. When I try to save it, I select a folder and enter a name, but then the following message is displayed: "PROBLEM WHILE SAVING SAMPLE, ABORTING".
During the recording, the red and green thing that looks like a VU meter doesn't seem to record anything. even though Beat Maker has access to the microphone in the ipad settings. Is that normal? I suspect the file cannot be saved because its size is 0 bytes.

I'm on iPad pro (edit : with BM 2.6.2)
Apart from that, the iPad language is French, it's the only thing I can think of that could mess up the filesystem.
What do you think?
Please help,
thanks in advance
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