BeatMaker 2 Compatibility with Akai MPC Studio Black

Unfortunately, I don't see a search option for the Discussions so, this question may have already been asked and answered but...

Can the Akai MPC Studio Black (or Silver) be used as a controller for BeatMaker 2?

Akai sorta answered the question by saying it's not compatible with a iDevice but that connecting it through a powered hub has not been tested. Needless to say, I was confused on both answers I got from them. However, the consistent answer was about powering up the MPC and not really about the MIDI controller compatibility. I would like to try this but can't spend the $400 to find out that it doesn't work. Surprisingly, I can't find any videos or forums/blogs that have tried this option.
So... any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey @NMattern !

    I have no access to a MPC Studio Black controller, but let's see.
    Is your controller listed in the MIDI settings panel (Studio pop-up > Gear Icon > MIDI Setup) ?
    If it is, then you can start using the "LEARN" function to match BM2 pads to your controller pads (and other faders, knobs, etc.).

    If it's not listed, you might want to take a look at this thread:

    Let me know !
  • I believe the AKAI MPD232 will work with iOS

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    i have the studio black too.did you get this working? i can try and test it out with a powered hub and see if it turns on.
  • So I tested this out.the studio black powers up and shows up in the midi settings of BM2.the only problem is getting the mpc studio into midi controller mode without the mpc software.
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    I know the MPC Element can be used an I am selling mine if you are interested.

    Only reason I'm selling it is because I got a maschine so I never really used it with BM2 or otherwise.

    As for the studio, I don't think it can be used with an ipad which is why I never bought it.
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