Wav problem

When I export a sample made in beatmaker 2, so I can use it in maschine 2, it has no sound. Windows can play the sample, but not without problems, and most programs I try to open the sample with, tells me there's a problem with the file.
The same goes for aiff files.
What's wrong?


  • Hey there @rimfrozt !

    Can you reach our support team at: http://intua.zendesk.com and attach the bogus file ?
    This way I'll be able to investigate it. Also, does the files contains slice markers ?

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
  • If this is the same issue, then I've been living with this issue for a while now.. http://intua.net/forums/discussion/2166/what-is-wrong-with-export-bug#latest

    But since then what I use is an app called 'free studio' and it has an audio converter among other somewhat useful things.. simply dump the waves in there and convert them to wave again, and now the wave will export without the added info(I'm thinking) BM2 has on it preventing certain softwares to recognize the wave.. My older Cubase doesn't recognize any BM2 exports until I clone them in the converter.
  • I tried with Audacity, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live and it seem to work. There might be something "strange" with marker saving but I was not able to reproduce the issue.

  • It's not too much of a big deal since the majority of users haven't complained and there is a working solution so we're not really left out in the street .. it has to be a handful of softwares only that are having issues..
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