iPad Mini 4 hardware/performance

I have been using BM2 on my iPhone for years now. I absolutely love the software. I recently purchased my first iPad (a mini 4). I transferred my BM projects over to it from my phone. With the project I'm working on at the minute, I am getting crackling noises during playback on my iPad but not in my phone. I have the exact same BM settings on both. Is this to be expected from the iPad mini?

I presumed the hardware was pretty much the same except the iPad has twice the memory. I was hoping for similar (or slightly better ) performance on the iPad. :-S Also, when I load a project, the very first time some of the samples get triggered, they play out of sync (which doesn't happen on my phone). They play in time after the initial triggering.

My projects mainly consist of samples triggered with midi via the pads (all audio is streamed). Is there anything I can try that might alleviate this (in settings perhaps)? Is it just a case of the iPad being underpowered?

My phone is an iPhone 6 jailbroken on iOS 9.0.2. My iPad is not jailbroken and is on iOS 10.2.

Thanks everyone. :D


  • Hi @cte

    An iPad Mini 4 should be absolutely perfect for BeatMaker 2. There might be something with the settings. Let's see !

    - Open the iOS Settings app
    - Find BeatMaker 2
    - Is the latency set to "normal" / 512 frames ?

    You might want to try a different latency and try again. Ensure BeatMaker 2 is *not* running before changing it. You can exit the app by double pressing the device home button and swipping BM2 up.

    Also, if you're using MIDI OUT, it would be a good idea all things relating to MIDI settings (in iOS Settings app and within BM2).

    Let me know !
  • Thank you Mathieu. :)

    Yes, I have experimented with the 3 different latency settings. I get crackles with all 3. I currently have it set to 512 which is the same as my phone. Would changing the buffer latency help anything? I am not using any midi out but it is active inside BM.
  • Hey @cte

    That's pretty strange. Are you using the 3 band EQ effect ? We had reports that this effect was causing random artefacts on some devices.

    Let me know !
  • No, I don't have 3 band eq in the project. In BM settings I have "no limit" set for memory limit. Could that be causing it? I have it set the same in my phone without issues.
  • A couple more questions: is your iPad connected to an external USB interface or via HDMI ? Do you have Audiobus or IAA apps running ?

    Since your jailbroken, did you install any 3rd party apps (not from the App Store) or kernel extension that would affect audio ?

    The memory limit would not affect performances. I think I need to take a look at the project. Would you be able to save it with samples, then reach our support desk at: http://intua.zendesk.com -- you can attach files with the support ticket.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
  • I am running BM alone with no other apps/connections in the background. The crackles are happening on the iPad in a non jailbroken state. I will try and upload the project over the weekend. Thank you again.
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    BTW do the other projects you created on your iPhone generate crackles/artefacts on your iPad as well or is it just for this one particular project ?

    Let me know,
  • I've checked out my other tracks. Out of 15 songs, only 3 others have crackles but they are extremely minor. Maybe only one or two crackles on one of the tracks and a handful more on the other two. They didn't crackle on my phone.

    The main track I was talking about earlier, is quite long (800 bars) as I was duplicating the song and experimenting with different arrangements on my phone. I thought the long length of the track might be putting some strain on the iPad but another track I have that is similarly laid out (over 1000 bars) plays without crackles. It still could be the length though I suppose? I will upload it when I'm at home with my pc.

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    Hey @cte

    Wow yeah, 800/1000 bars long songs are pretty unusual but this shouldn't be a problem!
    I will check the project and let you know.

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