Missing Samples from Biohazard Vol.1?

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I just purchased Biohazard Vol. 1 from the Intua sound store and I just went through most of the drum banks and synth presets. I received quite a few File Not Found warnings. Have the Samples been moved to different folders or are they missing completely?
Should I contact Intua support directly to fix this issue?
I took some screen shots of the warning messages but I missed some.


  • Hey @snicka !

    Can you ensure you have enough disk space available on your device ? You can check this by opening the iOS Settings app, then going in General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

    If you have enough free space, then try re-downloading the kit by opening the sound-store in BM2 and navigating to the bottom on the page. A "RESTORE PURCHASES" button is there, press it, log-in if needed (you won't be charged for anything).

    Let me know,
  • I was able to find some of the files and re-link them to the drum pads. Some of the files seemed like they had been misspelled with an extra space in the file name.
    I have about 30gb of free space on my iPad so I don't think it's a disk space issue. I will try and reinstall the sound pack tonight and hopefully that will fix my missing files.
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