How do i transfer my files from my desktop back to my Iphone 6

I recently lost all access to 3 years worth of music because I copied the File Share folder in my itunes to my desktop.

At first all my projects were only visable in the(Load, search all folder) My projects were unable to have the option to load even though i could highlight them..,

i followed a thread saying to try the update database and after i did that i lost all ability to veiw my projects inside the app (Lucky for me i have them saved on a folder in my desktop)

How do i get them back on to my iphone 6? pleaseeeee help!


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    Their are a couple ways to do this, you could get an ftp client like Cyber duck or Filezila depending on the OS of your computer and transfer it over. To this you will need your iphone and computer on the same wi-fi network and then you will press the button with and iphone and computer and press file transer. You take the info from that screen and put it into the app on your computer and you could use that app to transfer for the files via wi-fi which may take a while and slow down your network based on my experience. You can also use dropbox by clicking the button with a computer and phone on it and logging in or transfer it via itunes which if you want to do it that way I can explain that process as well.
  • Hey @Masa10!

    Pretty much what @DeeJohnson explained :-)
    Here's our FTP tutorial though, if you need extra information:

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