Samples / Songs won't save when using iPod import

Aside from the fact many songs can't be imported due to DRM restrictions, I've heard that BM2 will only import wav files. Is this true?

If so, given that Apple Music will only let you download mp3s (right?), and you can't convert an mp3 to wav on your iphone (right?) how are you supposed to sample anything without converting it to WAV on a computer separate from your phone?
I want to be able to do everything through just my phone -- you know, chop up samples and make beats on the go. Having to sit down at my laptop at home and convert mp3s to wavs just to be able to sample them kinda ruins that.

Maybe I'm just a noob, but I'm curious if anyone actually goes to all that trouble to import from their phone, or if people prefer to record samples in?
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