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I am running BM2 on my iPad mini 4. It is on iOS 9.0.2 (jailbroken). Beat maker, quite frequently, crashes (quits back to springboard). I have tried running the device in safe mode (so no jailbrake tweaks are running) and it still crashes. I have the same 9.0.2 jailbreak on my phone and it never crashes when running BM2.

Is there anyway to tell what is causing the problem? I can't understand the crash logs lol. Any advice? Thank you! :D


  • ctecte
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    I haven't had many more issues with the above problem, which is great... But I now have another problem.

    When I load a synth, with BM playing in the background, after roughly 60 seconds, BM crashes. Every synth I try makes BM crash (I have tried Magellan, Sunrizer, cyclop, nave, wavegenerator). My iPhone 6 handles synths and BM playing together perfectly, I thought the iPad mini 4 would be able to handle it too.

    Anyone have any similar experience or suggestions? Thanks.
  • I'm getting frustrated with BM now lol. I've tried the project on my phone and that too crashes in the background. I don't even have to load any other apps. I press play in BM, then I go to the springboard, after roughly 52 seconds, it quits/crashes.

    There is plenty of memory available (around 800mb free) when it crashes. I have tried switching "keep running in background" on and off in the settings. Running my devices in safe mode makes no odds. I can't think of anything else to try. :'(
  • ctecte
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    So I narrowed the problem down to one particular wav file. It is a 24 bit file I downloaded from a royalty free soundbank. I resaved and renamed the file inside BM to 16 bit, hoping BM's native file saving system would make it compatible. The crashing still continued. I then took the file to another audio program. I renamed it and saved it as 32 bit raw wav. I imported it back into BM. So far the crashing seems to have stopped.

    Here is a link to the wav that makes my BM crash. If anyone can take a look and identify why it's causing me problems, I would be most grateful. Cheers. :) resample.wav?dl=1
  • Hey @cte,

    Good catch! I'll take a look at this sample.

    Thanks for investigating the issue and sharing your results,
  • Ignore my previous post. It's still crashing lol. xD

    If I mute the track with that sample in (no other samples or effects are on that track) it doesn't crash. Un-mute and it crashes.
  • Can you send a link to that project?
  • The track named "Beat sample" is causing the problem. Once BM is running in the background, it takes about 1 minuet for it to crash. Thanks. :)
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