BM3 - audiobus output as audio track input

Is there any way to use audiobus output as audio track input? I'm trying to get it to show up under audio input instead of using it as a plugin for a pad - so that I can quickly record a clip and move it around the sequencer, like you could in BM2.


  • Hey there @dimsumham and welcome!

    You can achieve that pretty easily:

    • Create a new audio track
    • Head to the mixer and press the I/O button
    • Choose Internal, and select the Bank (or Pad) that is hosting the plugin

    Hope this helps,

  • ... now why couldn't I think of that?!?

    Thanks for the help and thanks for the amazing app!

  • Hi,
    Audiobus3 audio routing is completely broken in BM3. Apps in AB3 can't playback and freeze for me when BM3 is in audio receiving slot. I'm on latest AB3 beta. Also AB3 midi to BM3 is broken too. Audio stops working in BM3 or becomes distorted.

  • Hi,
    same here, it doesn't work with Audiobus2 / 3 or the last beta. Apps in Audiobus freeze and sound in Beatmaker gets totally distorted. I found a way to play poly, patterning, borderlands etc. into Beatmaker via AUM. But if I route Beatmaker into AUM to record it for example in Auria, sound gets distorted too.
    The other issue is, that now I managed to get poly's sound into Beatmaker, I also wanna record its midi data. But it seems like the midi routing in Beatmaker is not functioning at all. No matter what I set up in the Midi input of a bank, there is always everything coming in if the track is active in the sequence window, or nothing coming in if the track is not active. I can set the input to no Midi input at all, it will still get it.

  • Does Audiobus work in the current beta of BM3?

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