Track copy

Is there any way to copy a track in song view?


  • Anyone's find a solution?

  • I miss this feature too. A simple 'duplicate track' command would be good. Only workaround I found was to save bank and then load it on another one... Pretty clunky.
  • Hey guys and welcome!

    As of now, you cannot duplicate a complete track. This is a good feature to add and granted, this is missing.
    However, you can drag'n'drop patterns from one bank to another using the track helper (top right button next to the 3 vertical lines).


  • @mathieugarcia
    Thanks for reply Mathieu. In my case it's more about duplicating the track settings (sample/instrument, fx etc) than the patterns. For separate overdubs that can be individually muted etc for variation. Like track lanes I guess ;)
    Would be great if duplicate track (with a (include/don't include patterns tickbox) gets added :)

    Great job so far on BM3 tho!
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    Hey @Heyez!

    I see -- I think you can achieve that by saving the bank, which will save the contained instruments, effects, macros, and optionally, patterns.

    Check this article:

    Then, you just load the same bank preset on another bank and go from here.


  • I second this! I really enjoyed the functionality of BM2's sequencer. Granted I am not that familiar with scene type patterning. We ask a lot from you However the sampling functions are so great! The lack of a dedicated eq function was unfortunate. I would love to see a spectral type of eq.
  • Yep, I mentioned that workaround above ;) A quick 'duplicate track' would still be cool tho ;) Thanks for taking the time to reply to the forum tho, always cool to see devs interact with customers :)
  • Hi, does this feature now exist? It’s pretty much essential to how i make music to be able to duplicate tracks including instrument settings and pattern data as mentioned above... been looking but can seem to find it ☹️

  • @Estragon
    The only way to do it remains the trick above, where you export the bank with patterns then re-import it in the same project in a new bank.

    Also remember it's possible to copy midi patterns from one bank to another via the pattern helper in song mode. All you have to do is open the pattern list for Bank A, and then drag the pattern you want to copy across to the song lane for Bank B.

  • Ok thanks. Thats a shame... do you think it might be included in future?

  • You’ve got to be kidding me! This function is absolutely critical to modern production. How would they miss this? It’s absence makes the app essentially worthless to me. This can’t be right. They wouldn’t miss something SO obvious…. I just want a new track, same bank. What am I missing here?

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