Track copy

Is there any way to copy a track in song view?


  • Anyone's find a solution?

  • I miss this feature too. A simple 'duplicate track' command would be good. Only workaround I found was to save bank and then load it on another one... Pretty clunky.
  • Hey guys and welcome!

    As of now, you cannot duplicate a complete track. This is a good feature to add and granted, this is missing.
    However, you can drag'n'drop patterns from one bank to another using the track helper (top right button next to the 3 vertical lines).


  • @mathieugarcia
    Thanks for reply Mathieu. In my case it's more about duplicating the track settings (sample/instrument, fx etc) than the patterns. For separate overdubs that can be individually muted etc for variation. Like track lanes I guess ;)
    Would be great if duplicate track (with a (include/don't include patterns tickbox) gets added :)

    Great job so far on BM3 tho!
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    Hey @Heyez!

    I see -- I think you can achieve that by saving the bank, which will save the contained instruments, effects, macros, and optionally, patterns.

    Check this article:

    Then, you just load the same bank preset on another bank and go from here.


  • I second this! I really enjoyed the functionality of BM2's sequencer. Granted I am not that familiar with scene type patterning. We ask a lot from you However the sampling functions are so great! The lack of a dedicated eq function was unfortunate. I would love to see a spectral type of eq.
  • Yep, I mentioned that workaround above ;) A quick 'duplicate track' would still be cool tho ;) Thanks for taking the time to reply to the forum tho, always cool to see devs interact with customers :)
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