1st Beat on BM3 by A Submitter

1st beat on a brand new interface the track would have evolved but Audiobus did not work in the sense I couldn't find or open a track for my input app on BM3, maybe some things are in the pipeline, at present it felt like a beafed up version of Beatmaker 1, I couldn't access the keyboard nor Audiobus, but will work with it especially with the Dropbox and iCloud connectivity, means I can import samples from iCloud I have a couple of folders from BM2 days, I like the roll feature a little addition would be if the sample is longer than one shot to be able to cut to different times in the sample, like an x and y, y for roll x for different parts of the cut.


  • Sorry, that is unneccessary just auto chop or chop the sample up and trigger it from the drum pads, that's the purpose no need really to change the x and y function

  • Welcome to the forums @kash123 and thanks for sharing some music.

    I'm not meaning to be judgemental, but this is quite a ...challenging listen.

    You're either a 21st-century Karlheinz Stockhausen(!!), or a three year-old with 2 drumsticks and a midi drum pad. I can't quite tell :)

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    ...ok - now this really serves me right for mouthing off!

    Since posting the above comment I've visited your soundcloud page and listened to a lot more of your tracks, and I now have a feel for this track in the wider context of your body of work. On its own, I started to wonder if it was very amateur, but obviously I now realise there is serious skill and talent in the bricolage/assembly style you've managed to perfect. Respect.

    21st-century Karlheinz Stockhausen it is then.

  • Well they aren't a three year old with a drumpad, they joined in 2009, so they don't need welcoming to the forum either haha.

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    Yeah - guess that makes me a double-dickhead then ;)

    In my defence, the Wack comment bumped this up the thread list, and when I read the title "1st beat on BM3" I jumped to simple conclusions.

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