BM3 Feature Requests.



  • I'm loving Beatmaker 3 and it may become my go-to DAW on the iPad, but i really miss tempo change / signature change, I mean, the ability to change the tempo and the signature mid-song. For some genres, signature change is a must and tempo change is a basic feature that's missing.

  • I would like a utility to make "user packs".
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    A killer feature to add would be a 'Real-time reverse' button. So you could reverse a sample at any point during it's playback and when you release the button it continues playing the sample forward. Like on the Akai S20.

  • @Digital_Midgets said:
    A killer feature to add would be a 'Real-time reverse' button. So you could reverse a sample at any point during it's playback and when you release the button it continues playing the sample forward. Like on the Akai S20.

    That's something I requested/suggested early on :)
    It's also good way for 'scrub/scratch' a sample.

    Initial suggestion included to add a CC# that controlled the speed & direction of sample playback.
    (So for example CC#xx with value 64 would freeze the playhead and values between 63-0 would move the playhead backwards while 65-127 would move it forward at various speeds).

    I feel this might be something we'll get if/when we get realtime scrubbing in the sample/audio editor?

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    @Digital_Midgets said:

    ... Would be nice to be able to pinch zoom vertical not just horizontal...

    I've found that you can vertical zoom by pinching the left side panel.
    Maximum height, 4 tracks. ;)
    I'd like max to be 1 or at least 2. But 4 is better than no V-zoom.. ;) ;)


  • Some more feature requests ;)

    Mute/unmute pattern/s in song arranger

    Multiple copies - When using the little icon to copy/paste a pattern - hold it for text field allowing you to enter amount of time to duplicate. .

    Record modulations' bypass/active button/s as automation.

    Bank of 'snapshots' for modulation settings (1 bank per track + a bank of globals)

    On audio track in song arranger screen - hold finger on wav for 'send wav to bank/pad' command. With 'new', 'existing' etc in bank/pad destination options.

    Quick option in song arranger view to apply tiny fade in/out to wav on audio track.

    Little 'bypass/active' button per macro. Allow automation recording for this button.

    Mute/unmute note/s in pattern edit view.

    Current track 'Solo' button in piano roll pattern edit view
  • First off - Big Thanks for BM3 whopping feature list and introductory price on first week!

    Would like to see the return of ftp server to transfer large amounts of samples into a BM3 folder at once for browsing later as BM2 was able to do. Using iCloud right now but tedious work and uploading to iCloud is slow. I do not use iTunes for anything as Apple makes it intrusive and resource hungry, plus I don't use a pc for music in years. Just hardware and iPad. Agree with many siggestions already so won't rehash those.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hey. I found out yesterday that i cant mute groups from a midi controller, only single pads. I have a controller with 16pads(+buttons and knobs) and 2 pages, 1st page is for pads, and second page is for selecting groups and various things. And i have one button set to mute. It allows only muting of single pads, not the groups.

    Hopefully this will get sorted out at some point, since for me muting groups is more important than muting single pads.

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    Hi everyone. First of all I'd like to thank the Intua team for their amazing contribution to the iOS music scene. It's a beautifully designed piece of software that has raised the bar for everything that will come next. I'm very grateful for this!

    I've been trying to get familiar with BM3 since its release and I've been writing down some usability improvements that I would like to see in the future. I bet a lot of these have been mentioned, and some of them are in the works, but are my notes. Sorry if this is too crazy :)

    -- CPU and Master Volume dbFS and peak readings visible in all views (in the top bar)
    - Change playhead position while playing (in non Link mode)
    - Display playhead position in pattern edit mode
    - Copy/Paste everywhere (pattern, track, fx chain, notes, automation )
    - Adaptive pattern length recording in scene view
    - Pattern length shortcuts /2 x2 etc
    - Replace sample (keep pad sampler settings)
    - Add sample to same layer
    - ARP performance mode
    - Chord performance mode with assignable chord types. The notes should be recorded in the pattern.
    - Preset manager for AUs
    - Display AUs in tab (requires to many extra click to access an AU assigned to a pad)
    - AUs in floating window (esp. for FX, no need for keyboard)
    - Option to save a single pad instead of whole bank (and append this pad to a selected bank)
    - All FX options available per Pad
    - Remove 8 banks restriction (maybe add this as an experimental option), or see below -vvv-
    - Add a mini sampler that has all the functionality of a Pad and that can be assigned on a track. There is no need to use a whole bank just for one instrument that occupies a pad. (probably my no.1 request :) )
    - Save FX chain (also copy paste)
    - Delete all FX button
    - Utility FX to adjust Gain, panning etc. (Pleeeease! Using Overdrive with 1% still colors the sound. See utility effect
    in Abelton. This is a must for proper mixing and unity gaining/volume trimming)

    • More user friendly EQ implementation
    • Compressor and Limiter are useless for tampering transients. At 1ms they let transients pass through. I can't get the limiter to work. Is this a bug?
    • Wet/mix knob on the compressor fx
    • 24/48 db modes for filters
    • Transpose by octave in note editor
    • Duplicate respects initial selection length, including blank spaces (to be able to duplicate nodes and keep the same
      timing per beat)

    • Macros with inverse mapping 100% > 0%

    • Assign LFOs to Macros
    • Assign MIDI CC to Macro
    • Assign LFO/Macros/Automation to On/OFF or List value types (ex. Reverse ON/OFF. would be great for
      randomization. )

    • Automation/Macro/LFO for Start, End, Loop S/E Values

    • Audio track - Volume envelopes, cross-fades, Gain and Pitch controls (awesome with time-stretch).
    • Drag an audio file from one track to another in timeline view.
    • Resample - add a mini keyboard to the recorder when resampling a pad
    • Record - select audio track as input
    • Freeze/Duplicate track
    • Fold option in Note view
    • Project Cleanup Function - Clean unused samples/patterns from project, and folder project
    • Display sample location
    • Enable file conversion option for the multi select mode in the file browser
    • Reset Track Peak db values when hitting Play
    • Reset Solo/Mute for all channels (maybe add buttons on master)
    • Remember last used program in document picker (ex Audioshare instead of iCloud)
    • Midi Clock send
    • Midi latency compensation (could be an option at the same location where you select the midi channel. Crucial for sequencing and recording external gear)
    • Audio tracks and FX tracks available as inputs for audio tracks please (this would open up a lot of routing

    • Reorder channels

    • Save slices to wave
    • Undo for volume changes, fx parameter changes etc (it this a bug?)
    • Floating point normalization option on export (and for track freezing when implemented)


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    Gonna take me an F-Ton of time to go through this and add to the list !!!!

    Don't freak out if the the thread here thins a bit, i am deleting the user error stuff that has been solved by other users.

    Will try and merg with othe rthreads or split all the requests in to their own threads afterwards.

  • OK i trimmed this down to just posts with ideas that haven't been requested elsewhere (As far as i can tell)
    I will break it all out in to the list when i get chance.

  • Hehe,

    I wish you all the best mate! ;)



  • Might be unlikely/complicated but slice by transient would be nice to see. A simpler request from me would be The ability to nudge up selected notes by a semitone or left/right with a button in the grid edit page. Would make editing piano roll way easier and more akin to working in MPC/maschine

  • Octave up and down too please :)

  • It would be cool that when on the timeline view there could be volume controls. I know it’s a click away to go to the mixer but next to the solo mute maybe a dial for volume.

  • I dont think a dial would comfortably fit, however i do think a touch area that would bring up a floating volume slider would be very useful.

    Don't forget that there is an entire section here at the forum for requests, you can start new threads and no need to just post in this thread :)

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