Can't get Model 15 to load

Anyone else getting IAA synths to load? Trying to sequence Model15. I have it set to Midi Channel 1, and selected BM3 as host in Model 15 and selected Model 15 in BM3 with correct Midi channel and loaded it via IAA but nothin is playing.

Here are some screenshots


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    I successfully got this working on my iPad Pro (1st gen), but launching Model 15 from within BM3 initially did not work. I had to close out Model 15 from the background and then reopen manually. After that, recheck MIDI assignments, and everything worked as expected. Basically, I think you need to launch Model 15 standalone first before choosing it from the IAA list in BM3.

  • Yeah...I did it both ways, but will try again. BM3 as a midi host seems to be broken, or finicky @ best :'(

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