Beatmaker for the Blackberry Storm

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PLEASE Intua make beatmaker for the blackberry storm!

The storms going to be the only other device with a touch screen thats as nice as the iphones (as far as CDMA phones are concerned). Unlike other blackberries, this one will appeal to wide range of consumers, just like the iphone so there will be a market for beatmaker on this thing! I know there are several other "touch" devices that people may want to see this program run on but theres nothing right now thats as nice as the iphone as far as the interface, popularity, desktop web browsing, accelerometer integration, etc... so therefore it might not be worth it with other touch devices but IMHO if you guys at Intua were to develop a version for another platform the blackberry storm would be the phone to start with!

I'm with a cdma carrier right now as far as service goes and all I've got for mobile music right now is my korg ds-10 synth that runs on the nintendo ds. Was considering an mpc 500 but I already own the mpc 2500 and don't really need two mpc's....Beatmaker would be perfect but I don't want to buy an ipod touch just to get it nor do I want to switch to AT&T, all reasonable options but just not worth it for one program.

The blackberry OS would be fairly easy for a developer to keep up with because it doesn't change insanely much from phone to phone unlike proprietary LG, Samsung and motorola os's that seem to change with every new model!

Anyway, from what I've seen so far the storm looks to be the only other device thats going to be as nice as the iphone so, Intua...PLEASE MAKE A BLACKBERRY VERSION for all the future blackberry storm/touch screen users, there will be many I promise it will be worth your time!!!

If you've already got one in the works, my hats off to ya!

EDIT: I'd also like to add that input latency when hitting the pads to trigger your samples should be reduced as much as possible with every version in the future. I hate the feel of quantization when it comes to rap and hip hop beats, doing it by hand with no quantize on is harder but when it comes to certain beats the feel is just irreplaceable. In order for it to be right there can't be much lag at all when hitting the pads.


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    I am guessing this wont happen.. the code for iphone is very specific to iphone.. its mac based.. and not portable to other OSs. It would require a complete rewrite for the blackberry to work. Unless BeatMaker sells 1000's of copies monthly and makes Intua a boat load of money.. so they can hire a few developers to work on it, I would not count on it.
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