BM2 vs BM3 and iPhone support

It's so great to see BM3 finally here and it looks AMAZING!!!!

I plan on purchasing it (hopefully this week with the discount), yet I have a few questions:
1. Will BM2 customers get a discount on BM3? I wished BM3 was just an update to BM2, but it's a whole new app which requires another purchase... am I wrong?
2. I use BM2 only on iPhone. If I purchase BM3 which is currently for iPad, will I need to purchase another version for iPhone when it comes out? or is it just an added support to the current BM3?
3. Can I import BM2 projects+files into BM3 and continue my work there?

Thank you for your great work, it really seems you invested a lot of thought and work into BM3...

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