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Mentioned Freeze Track/s in the feature request thread. My old ipad is flaking out pretty easily using BM3.. Probably upgrade later in year but a convenient 'bounce track to audio' would still be useful for when things are getting heavy on cpu - If I get a new ipad I'll probably push the cpu on that pretty quickly too..

Will try the suggested workarounds tomoro and see how they feel in practise. Hopefully not too long winded or cluttering up song sequencer with a ton of tracks etc..

Anyone been doing this yet? Anything to look out for/tips?


  • Used the export function to freeze some tracks. Export is great. Lots of flexibility and I didn't see any bugs :)

    Doesn't really compensate for 'freeze track' tho. Too long winded as to get cpu down I still had to go and turn off a load of stuff in the various bank tracks that I had exported. And would have to go and turn it all on again if I wanted to go in and alter those tracks again.

    Would be great to see the kind of 'freeze track' you see in daws (Sonar x3 handles this really well) that lets you really fast free-up cpu or grab a wav of a track to copy to another track and slice etc. And then instantly be able to 'un-freeze' when you need to. Hopefully can be added at some point.
  • Hey @Heyez

    Track freezing will be added for sure, the mechanism ls already in there, it's just a matter of easing the process.


  • Killer :) Thanks for the heads up.
  • Hey thread, how you doin? :)

  • My tentative workaround was to internally record onto a separate audio track. But there's two huge disadvantages with this as others have pointed out:
    1. It can take a long time depending on the length of the track. A real bounce or freeze implementation would be much faster.
    2. This doesn't actually unload the AUs, so I've had mixed results with regards to how much CPU is freed. Most of the time no actual CPU is freed.

    Really there's no substitute for this yet.

  • I refer to my previous thoughts on this, freeze track is not enough, or in the case of B3 that useful, a track in B3 could conceivably contain 128 synths or hits or loops etc etc etc, here is what is much more useful.

    1 AU synths should not be loaded in to the sampler as is now, they should have their own non sampler view, but hey, that current panel is absolutely the perfect place and only needs a couple of controls to have a plugin baker, bake the plugin down to a multi sample in the sampler.

    2 Pads should have a "BIP" button option, press the button and it will bake in place a new single shot sample of the pad with all sampler/AU synthesis and effects chain for a user definable length.

    3 Inside a banks pattern view there should be a "BAT" button option, select a lane, press the button and it would offer the option of bake in effects or move them in place, then it will bake it to its own audio track and offer the choice of mute or delete the original lane, if multiple lanes are selected, the same applies but a new option appears before baking, bake as single or multi tracks, single will sum all the lanes to a single track using the current mix settings, multi would give each its own track and again offer the ability to either bake or move effects to those newly baked tracks.

    A:Freezing/baking a bank track would have to offer a pop up view that allowed you to select which pads, then give you the same options as the in pattern baking (See 3)
    B: Freezing/baking an audio track is only really useful for offloading heavy effects, but completely closing out an audio track is a horrible workflow, freezing needs to be pre fader, so that even if a track is frozen it still has volume and pan available in the mixer, offer the option of saving a bake/freeze with project, so it doesn't need refreezing upon reload.

    That pretty much covers most use cases.

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