Track/s routing for resampling

Atm BM3 gets locked down when resampling. So no tweaking parameters or playing pads/keys..

As a temp workaround is it possible instead to resample the master mix/grouped tracks in realtime via routing them to an audio track?


  • Hey @Heyez

    Right now audio tracks can have banks/pads on their input. We're looking to bring more types of tracks too.

    Cheers :-)

  • @mathieugarcia Hey, thanks for reply. I could only route one pad/bank to an audio track's input when I looked at this. Is it possible to route multiple tracks/banks to one audio track input? Maybe I missed something ;) Thanks
  • edited July 2017

    ReSampling Pad FX : I set FX on a sample on Pad 1 , then tried ReSampling selecting the Pad 1 as internal input & it recorded a new layer of dry sample .
    How do we record the Pad FX ? , should there be a Pre / Post Fx option for recording from Internal Source ?

    ( I guess this can be done in other ways , such as using recording to audio tracks , but I'm wondering about Direct Pad ReSampling here . )

    Edit : also , the Sample splashscreen Lockout is frustrating , having to setup a midi trigger in sequencer to play the Pad from the Sequencer Play button , because you cant access the Play Sample button on the Pad sample page is a little cumbersome .

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