Hold function to loop samples on Pads

Is there a hold function on pads which allows a sample to loop until the pad is pressed again or choked by another pad? I've tried setting the Layer Trigger to Hold and Sample Loop to Forward and also tried Setting Layer Trigger to On Release without success so far.

Also to allow a pad to complete a loop before being choked by another pad in order to maintain a synchronised beat


  • This is one feature that I'm also missing. It would actually be - Layer Trigger : One shot, Sample Loop : Forward
    but this combination is not possible at the moment.
    For live performances, I still use Roland SP404 alongside BM2 because it supports this looping mode. It's really important to me, because I often want to just trigger a loop indefinitely and do other stuff while it's looping.

  • The scene button in pads mode (not scene mode in the arranger) is called the performance mode in the manual, it should be in there and also have the same option for triggering patterns too, definitely needs to be upgraded with these features per pad.

    Trigger either audio or a pattern.
    Trigger modes
    Loop latch
    One shot
    Quantise mode per pad too.
  • Hopefully something that could be added fairly easily?

  • Now discovered how to do this. In performance Mode Choose the Wheels heading Press Sustain pedal whilst holding down the pad and voila!

  • Helpful tip, thanks. But why is this essential feature so buried?
  • edited July 2017
    Because that is a workaround, not a buried feature ;)
    It only works on one sample, it is nothing like Launchpad for instance.
  • Clearly Launchpad and Remix (and other loopers) are built specifically for this purpose. The introduction of a hold / latch feature however would presumably be relatively straightforward and have some creative uses beyond the typical looping paradigm

  • Yeah +1 for hold/latch. Would like it on the keys ui too for drones/pads etc.
  • Ah! Nice discovery indeed! That's pretty amazing to see what you guys come up with.

    Proper loop toggling is in the backlog, but I can't give you an ETA as of now!


  • Definitely a +100 for hold/latch!

  • That would be a tremendous addition for me, as well! In fact, not sure I could think of a higher priority in my workflow...but I trust you know what you're doing. :smiley:

  • Yes please

  • OMG, this is so basic feature. Why is is not implemented yet? (as of 2019)

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